Calum Best

It’s great to be here on a night out in my dad’s hometown and it’s amazing that Mark’s keeping his memory alive like this. He should get work around Northern Ireland as a lookalike.

FAI boss John Delaney

Mark’s a great young lad and I really hope that his resemblance to George leads to big things for him.

JJ Gilmour, Music composer and creator of the hit musical Dancing Shoes the George Best story

I first met George Best lookalike Mark O’Hare in Newcastle, Co. Down whilst I was working on my musical about the great man. If we’d been in the business for a lookalike for a show he’d have been our man. Mark’s now carrying George’s memory forward in another way and keeping the football genius that was George Best’s memory fresh in our minds and hearts.

Julie Hastings, Marketing Director, Hastings Hotels

Mark has worked in the concierge department in the beautiful Slieve Donard resort and spa for six years now. He used to look a little like a young George best, but over the months and years his likeness to the former world ‘s best footballer has become uncanny. Customers arrive and he receives a double take! His facial hair is now groomed to look like the George best of the 1960;s and his rugged good looks and dark hair make him what many describe as a ‘ringer’ Mark was approached to act the part of George in ‘Dancing Shoes’ the  musical that Martin Lynch produced and ran the in Grand opera house during the summer of 2011. He was the closest in looks but he was told his acting and singing skills needed to improve a little!!! (he isn’t a professional actor – yet!!). He has since entered a number of look alike competitions and won, flown all over the world, and become a Hastings Hotels ambassador and celebrity!! If you stand close to the front door when Mark is on duty and ‘people watch’; you will be amazed by the number of people who look twice at mark, thinking ‘I know him from somewhere!’. When I go to the hotel, we have a lot of laughs about Marks latest adventures as George Best, and where he has been. Just a pity mark can’t play football, but he is a great concierge!!!!

Ian Best, George’s brother

When I first saw the photo of Mark with Calum, I had to do a double take and he had the stubble on his face, though George’s was much thicker, their eyes are very similar. It’s great that Marks keeping George’s legacy alive as a lookalike and I wish him success with it.

Ben Swift, Producer, Beautiful Productions

Mark was brilliant at our Virgin Media Sofa Stars event in Manchester – the crowd loved him, and he was a total pleasure to work with – hope to see you again soon Mark!